Monday, September 13, 2010

real simple family special issue

real simple is one of my favorite national publications. it's not often that i have 30 minutes to sit and enjoy thumbing through pages but when i do real simple always satisfies and encourages. all that to say that when i found the special issue of real simple family i immediately picked it up. of course the first thing that caught my eye was the cover promising fast, kid-friendly dinner recipes. um, yes please. so i searched the article and found a recipe that will be on our menu for this week. sausage & apple kabobs. georiga loves sausage. loves maple syrup {which the pieces of apple and sausage are brushed with} and well, hopefully she'll love the apples too. i'll report back. hopefully she'll love it and it will make my recipe bringing a lot easier next week for our next favorite foods friday gathering. if you're interested in making these yourself here is the direct link to the recipe on the real simple website:

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